© Copyright Trvl Taxi

§1 General

A&A Transfers & Reisen KG, hereinafter referred to as Trvl Taxi or us, is the company responsible for the transport. By booking, you confirm that you have read our general terms and conditions, accept the stated provisions and assume responsibility for all payments or costs incurred. All transport services offered by Trvl Taxi are based on these general terms and conditions.

We currently offer two types of transport services. The so-called “Private transport with driver” also called “Private transfer with driver” and “Shuttle transport” also called “Shuttle transfer” or “Shared trip” or even “Shared transfer”. In private transfers with driver we transport our customers from A to B with free choice of departure and destination, if applicable in the desired vehicle WITHOUT further customers on board. With the shuttle transfer, on the other hand, we transport our customers according to the routes and departure times (freely selectable) specified by us, if applicable in different travel classes WITH other customers in the vehicle.

§2 Booking prices

In general, the prices of the online quotation of Trvl Taxi is valid at the time of booking. We reserve the right to individually adjust prices for larger groups and, if necessary, according to the customer’s wishes. The booking price varies according to the number of passengers, class, time, booking type and, if applicable, number of extras. The prices quoted already include the legally prescribed value added tax (VAT). If no chargeable extras are booked during the booking, maximum 1 suitcase and 1 hand baggage is included in the price per person. The same prices apply to children, teenagers and adults. You also accept that Travel Taxi may add a handling fee of up to 3% to the booking price for bookings made via credit card or similar payment methods.

§3 Conclusion of a contract

A contract of carriage between the customer and Trvl Taxi is only concluded after Trvl Taxi has confirmed the booking by e-mail of a booking made in writing (e.g. e-mail), orally, by phone or online. The customer’s claim to performance shall only apply to the time and date stated during the booking. There is no obligation to accept an order for the transfer, this means, we are entitled to refuse your order. If a booking has already been made, we may cancel it. In such a case you will receive a cancellation confirmation by e-mail, which in some cases is valid despite arriving in your Spam / Junk folder.

§4 Liability

If customers provide false information during the booking process, Trvl Taxi cannot be held liable for any resulting damage. If unforeseeable transfer delays occur due to traffic jams, strikes, terrorism, vandalism, accidents, technical problems with the transfer vehicle, road closures, above-average weather conditions or the like – before the start of a transfer or during a transfer – Trvl Taxi cannot be held liable for the resulting damage. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

Trvl Taxi is not liable for damage, injury or even loss of luggage, its contents of any kind and pets during the entire service period. If, before and during the transfer, passengers or their pets cause damage to the transfer vehicle, the passengers shall be liable for the damage incurred. Parents are responsible for their children. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

If the passengers are not in the transfer vehicle at the time of the always punctual departure, you lose the right to transportation. In such a case Trvl Taxi is also not obliged to provide the respective passenger with a replacement transfer. Trvl Taxi can, however, decide at its own discretion whether passengers will be transferred to a later transfer vehicle at their request and subject to the availability of a free seat. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

If border crossings occur during the transfer, you are solely responsible for providing the necessary documents and requirements. Trvl Taxi is not liable for any damage caused by failure to comply with entry requirements or police, tax, administrative or customs regulations. If we have to pay fines or other costs due to errors on your part, you agree to reimburse us within 14 days including any processing fees. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

If some passengers are refused entry during a transfer, we may continue the transfer without them and are not obliged to organise a return journey to the starting point or any other address. If there is a need for a return journey or other costs incurred, you agree to assume these and have no right to a refund of your travel expenses. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

When entering our vehicles, you undertake to inform our driver of your identity by means of valid travel documents and your booking ID without being asked. If passengers intend to cross a border with the help of our transfer vehicles in an illegal manner, we may immediately notify them to the police as soon as we become aware. In such a case you expressly agree to indemnify and hold Trvl Taxi not reliable for any damage. It is not possible for Trvl Taxi to identify such intentions in advance on the basis of the booking data. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

We are not liable for not recognizing our vehicles and the resulting damage. All our vehicles are marked with the label: Trvl Taxi. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

§5 Children and adolescents

During your booking you undertake to inform us whether there are any minors in your group so that we can provide the appropriate child seats if necessary. If you do not comply with this obligation and your group subsequently includes minors, you agree that Trvl Taxi may prohibit you from carriage and that you are not entitled to compensation. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

§6 Cancellation

Cancellations until shortly before departure are free of charge. In the case of a shuttle transfer, you agree to cancel your booking yourself if necessary. Just follow the link at the end of your booking confirmation and follow the instructions. For private transfers, you must send us a written (e-mail) request to cancel your booking including your booking ID. We will then cancel your booking. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

If the passengers are not in the transfer vehicle at the time of the punctual departure without previous cancellation, or do not appear as agreed at the collection place (more about this under §7 of these terms and conditions), you declare yourself expressly in agreement to settle the damage developed for us. In such a case Trvl Taxi will cancel your booking afterwards. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

You agree that in the event of a double booking, you must notify the Trvl Taxi team at least 24 hours before departure and request cancellation of the double booking. In this case, the Trvl Taxi team will cancel the duplicate booking free of charge. If you do not comply with this obligation, you expressly agree that Trvl Taxi may charge you the full amount of the duplicate booking. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

§7 Pick up stations (meeting points) and pick up

Pick up stations for journeys from Munich Airport [MUC] towards Tyrol are at Terminal 1 D Arrival at the car park in front of the entrance and Terminal 2 Arrival at the car park in front of the entrance. At Terminal 2 the first pick-up takes place and it takes about 5 minutes to the next Terminal 1 D. You will find a map and directions on our website under the menu item “Directions”. Pick-up stations in the direction of Munich will be announced during booking as well as in the booking confirmation with the corresponding address. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

In the case of private transport with driver, our drivers wait a maximum of 60 minutes from the time of arrival at the airport and a maximum of 20 minutes from the planned pick-up time at other pick-up points. While the driver is waiting, he will try to reach you on the mobile phone number you have provided. Should the driver fail to reach you after several attempts, for whatever reason (e.g. missing connection, mailbox on, not answering the call), you expressly agree that we no longer have to provide the journey and you will waive any refund or compensation. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

You expressly agree and it is your responsibility to locate the pick-up location, date and time by means of the booking confirmation or information on our website in order to arrive on time. In addition, you expressly agree to ensure during or prior to your booking that the arrival time of your scheduled flight to the airport of departure will allow you to be there at least 15 minutes before your check-in counter opens or at least 2 hours before your departure time. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

§8 Luggage, wheelchairs and bicycles

Luggage items must bear the name of the owner. A piece of baggage may weigh a maximum of 20 kg and have a maximum combination size of 160 cm. Hand luggage may weigh a maximum of 5 kg and have a maximum size of 45 x 35 x 20 cm. Luggage in excess of this must be registered and will be charged as freight if there is still sufficient space in the transfer vehicle. Trvl Taxi is not obliged to accept excess baggage. Any kind of luggage must not contain any illegal objects, materials or living creatures. Luggage left in the transfer vehicles must be collected or delivered at your own expense. Trvl Taxi is not obliged to deliver, protect, store, wait or similar in any way luggage left behind. If baggage or items are not collected for 60 days, or if the owner cannot be found, the baggage or items will become our property after the expiry of the deadline. If the owner can be found, but refuses to collect or let collect the items within 60 days, we may temporarily store them, hand them over to a lost property office or police station. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

Due to limited loading capacity, wheelchairs must be collapsible and bicycles cannot be carried. A so-called bike shuttle must be requested separately.

§9 Other

Our offer is multilingual. In case of inconsistency, the German version is valid. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

Any complaints must be made in writing or by e-mail, at the latest 1 week after the transfer. If the aforementioned deadline is exceeded, all claims and demands against Trvl Taxi are forfeited. In the case of realizable change requests for bookings (e.g: change of the departure and arrival destinations, time, number of passengers, etc.) which generate further costs, these must be paid by you in addition to the previously agreed price. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

Rarely, however, it can happen that errors and possibly incorrect prices appear on our website, in advertisements (online and print). We will correct these as soon as possible after we relalized them and reserve the right to cancel the contract. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

In our transfer vehicles there is a strict ban on alcohol, drugs and smoking. Trvl Taxi reserves the right to refuse passengers who are alcoholized, under the influence of drugs or who may pose a danger to other persons in the vehicle. In such a case Trvl Taxi is also not obliged to reimburse the respective passenger for the transfer costs nor to provide a replacement transfer. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

You accept that Trvl Taxi may, at its sole discretion, choose the route to the destination of your choice and that it may not always be the shortest route due to additional costs (e.g. tolls) or other disruptions on the way to your destination. If it is not possible to reach the destination via the actual route due to unforeseeable events, Trvl Taxi is not obliged to use an alternative route. Upon request, the driver may, at his discretion, transport you to your destination on an alternative, usually longer route. In such a case, you expressly agree to pay the additional cost. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

You agree that, in exceptional circumstances and in the event of a vehicle selection, we may replace the vehicle class you have selected with a lower priced vehicle class so that the transfer service can be provided to you even if your vehicle class is not available. © Copyright Trvl Taxi

Status: 09/2019